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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 4, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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folks from "fox and friends" join us. it looks like platform. that is for the democrats. that is an important part of the democratic convention. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: and on a day where i knew what the word was. >> brian: i am your witness. >> gretchen: we have a platform you today. i am gretchen carlson. thank you for joining us and spending part of the your day with us. it is dnc and the first speakers have arrived . who is kicking off the convention in support of president obama, we'll let you 99 on the speeches. >> steve: today's speeches is not what is on democrats mind.
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another headliner has not handed over his speech for them to vet. we are talking about president clinton. >> brian: i am waiting for my teleprompter. don't drink and drive. especially if you are behind the bull dozer. i hope he has a new bumper. "fox and friends" home of the 2012 election starts right now from charlotte. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> steve: and the fighting 49ers live in charlotte, north carolina. what a festative day for the dnc. >> brian: gold dusters are here as you can see. 49er basketball band is here. >> gretchen: and the norm the 49er is here. >> brian: they are responsible but when is the first class in college. seven time tim 30. >> gretchen: no. mr. 2: >> brian: i took a seven : 30 class. >> gretchen: we have a jam-packed show for you today. and the band and dancers are going to be there. >> steve: something that happened to you in the conclusion of the rnc showing up to do the friday show and
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you talked about this? >> brian: a little bit of congestion and i had an opportunity to do the shoot and what is life like to use a jet pack. i had an opportunity. >> steve: or risk congestion? >> brian: and spend four hours. >> gretchen: is that you? >> brian: i spent four hours learning to fly and you will see what life is like above the planet earth. >> steve: was it everything you dreamed. >> brian: it is only 30 in the country. this group in clear water put it together. you will see me struggle to fly and quest to proof that it could be a viable mode of transportation. >> gretchen: do you go higher than what we saw in the video? >> brian: you will see it build up in a piece. >> gretchen: is that how you
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lote your voice. >> brian: four hours in the water training and training. >> steve: we'll see that approximate and look being at the charlotte observer. first lady is giving her speech today. there she is doing a run through paul ryan talks in greenville, north carolina talking about how the dems are right and republicans are right. >> gretchen: former president of the united states, bill clinton, his speech hasn't been vetted by the obama team. all of the speeches except for clint eastwood. we want to make sure they stay on message. is it another loose cannon and look at what bill clinton said in the last three months, he's disagreed on major policies like extending the bush tax cuts and not having a
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millionaire's tax. the president wanted that. and he said romney had a stellar business career. i >> brian: he writes long hand on yellow paper. it is not like can i go on long hand. i am writing it out. they have an idea roughly of what he's going together. he's confident yet nervous about the content. >> steve: i read that on cbs and i read that the senior democrats are nervous. bill clinton and barack obama do not like each other and there is a blockbuster report out of the new yorker that has a quotation from 2008,oon arcticle by rina liza, bill said to ted kennedy when he was trying to get kennedy to support clinton. a few years ago he would be
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carrying our bags, referring to the president of the united states. it is out there for a day. a lot of democrats are giving him a pass for the comments. but if the republicans had said it it would be giant letters. >> gretchen: one of the reasons that bill clinton doesn't love barack obama. hillary clinton wanted to be the president of the united states . barack obama beat her and it was a vicious fight four years ago . some people say bill clinton is setting the stage for his wife to run in 2016. is that why he's been against obama policiless or a cent rift and he really is against obama policies? >> brian: it goes back to the reverend jesse jackson comments down south. i look at the comments, i know for a fact that there is nothing racist about bill
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clinton. he was a state senator and i was president of the united states and this is the first lady and she was a u.s. senator from new york . that's how i look at it and not like a racial thing. >> steve: to this day however, he feels that barack obama played the race card on him. there is animosity and you have to figure to see how awn bill linton gives the speech tomorrow night. a top clinton aide, long-time advisor to william jefferson clinton will throw his support to mitt romney. he rationalizes that if mitt romney wins, it would leave hillary as the undisputed winner of the democrat party and propel the woman he supports, hillary to the
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presidency in four years, n if that happensney doesn't in november. >> brian: they also say the former president has a lot of respect for the honest and support his wife has gotten from the president of the united states since they were serving together and one thing they are worried about in light of clint eastwood, they are worried about the behind the scenes differences between the camps. >> gretchen: if you go back and look at the speech that the president gave in dnc, it was even keeled. i don't know if that said what he will do in 2012, but if you are a democrat, you are hoping he will stay to the message. >> brian: you know what they hope. what president clinton wants to do -- excuse me president obama remember my years if you
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get the next four years. and they want the image of bill clinton and not the last four years of president obama. 92 >> steve: i am reregarding the ed klein book on tape. there is a quotation where he talks about michele obama doesn't like hillary clinton and referred tow her as a snake in the past. just remember they don't like each other. >> gretchen: we are hours away from the dnc. and there is a look at who will be center stage to make the case for the president. >> for a lot of people first lady michele obama will be the highlighted speaker but the mayor of san antonio will deliver the key note tonight.
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mrs. -- the first lady toured the stage and getting familiar with the hall. the audience mostly workers and many of whom are still arriving and many were delayed by the thunderstorms. president obama toured some of the damage boy louisiana. consoling the victims and thanking the first responders. he celebrated labor day and aiming to block mitt romney's road to the white house. >> it is working people like you who have to lay the cornerstones. things that people take for granted and were not always there. 40 hour workweek. weekends, paid leave, pensions, the minimum wage, health care, social security, and medicare. >> here in north carolina paul
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ryan is aiming to make sure the democrats don't have the stage to themselves. he offered his take. >> president obama will be giving a big speech and there is a lot of words . let me quote president obama four years ago. if you don't have a record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone to run from. ladies and gentlemen, that's what barack obama is doing today. >> democrats will formally adopt the platform calling for higher taxes on the wealthy and calling for same-sex marriage and abortion rights. the republican platform is banning same-sex marriages and abortions. >> gretchen: now to the rest of the headlines a. a journalist covering the dnc has to show identification three times.
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it is to cover the events. the strict rules seem odd considering the democrats position in voters id. they say it is a discrimination. he was a close advisor in the white house. ralm emanuel now cutting short his trip to the dnc. he was facing increasing pressure to stay at home because teachers are on the verge of striking for the first time in 25 yearrings. he will head home tomorrow night. the mayor's office said the change has nothing to do with the looming strike. michael clarke duncan from the "green mile" has passed away. >> you leave the light on
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after bed time? because i get scared in the dark sometime if it is a strange place. duncan appeared in armageddon, the whole nine yards, and planet of the apes. before he worked in the movies, he worked as a bodyguard for will smith. he died in the medical center where he was treated for a heart attack. he was engaged to a reality star. michael clarke duncan is only 54 years old. he had the heart attack in july. >> steve: he was a nice guy. >> brian: he was a big defensive line men. >> steve: live from the nascar hall of fame. did you know that americans spend trillions on
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entitlements each year. is that helping our country? good morning to you mr. goldburg. >> brian: he can't hear you. >> allyson: caught on camera, drinkk driving a bulldozer and smashing up cards. what happens next. is that john behind the wheel? ♪ ♪ all the days it is in my blood. i love you then like i loved you then. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
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it is a question president obama's own advisors can't answer are you better off now than four years ago? but the federal government is spending trillions on entitlement programs. is america who is dependent on government hand alls better off. joining us is jones goldberg. you have written about it extensively. you said we are turning citizens in the clients of the state? >> that is the goal of woodroww wilson and fdr. changing people's pursuit of happiness and entrepreneuralism and seeking checks from the government
3:18 am
essentiallyy. if your livelyy hood is dependent on government checks and hand outs, changes your understand relationship to the state. >> currently that is the trend. if you look at the growth of entitlement spending it was 64 billion adjusted for enflation. in 2010 it sored. a 70 percent increase, why? >> once you buy in the lodgic that the government is in the business of disdistributing help there is no end to it republicans and democrats are to blame it is the way politicians talk about middle class. republicans are paying lip service to hard work, but particularly after bill clintton, the way we talk about middle class, the
3:19 am
husband can help by giving free medicine and entitlements and all of the rest, politicians helping the middle class so it means more hand outs. >> gretchen: the next stat proves what you are saying. one person getting government benefits and 2011 48.6 percent . you argue jonas, once you reach the tipping point there is no return? >> we don't know where the tipping point is. we know some point when citizen become clients of the state and getting benefit government, their loyalty to and faith and capitalism disappears, going back to the roman empire one of the main reasonns the roman empire fell, people were so entitled to the perks of roman citizenship they had to bring
3:20 am
out outsiders because it wasus sustainable. >> allyson: some people argue that the election and median income for middle class down and gas prices so high how can romney and obama be neck and neck. you argue it is we are nearing the tipping point in >> when you have large number of people who see their own self interest and rational self interest in terms of getting more from government. like obama care which may be the final key stone to the tipping point, you can understand why some people, if their whole life is based on what more they can get from government and half of the american people get their money from government you can see why that is close. >> gretchen: very interesting. thank you so much. coming up on "fox and friends", the president wants people to focus on the
3:21 am
republican. >> every president who asked the merrence to send him in a second term can say you are better off four yearrs ago except for jimmie carter and president obama. >> gretchen: is there a way for the president obama to sell the american people on four more years in c ♪
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>> steve: quick headlines for you. best selling crime writer rj hillary was caught writing fake reviewos amazon. another writer found that he was posting under fake names and giving himself gloge reviews. he has since apologized. live withicle yewhom? in a few hours we'll find out
3:25 am
who will step in to fill regis philman's seat. he will appear with her later this morning. we think we know who it will be. michael strahan is rumored as the favorite. brian over to you in the governor. > brian: we know it is michael strahan. >> steve: we'll play a game of i don't know who. >> brian: a shocking study might make the president's next term easier. 35 percent of americans near retirement age fear they will not stop working. that is an increase of six percent. what about hope and change. we'll ask democratic governor jack markel. he is a scheduled speaker. thank you for starting your day with us. >> great to see you. >> brian: you can't be pleased with looked at the stats.
3:26 am
>> you have to look at the progress we made. we have had 29 straight months of job growth. the president is the first to say we have to make more progress. >> brian: look at this together. then and now. so whesident took office and where we are at right now. you said you are not happy. unemployment is up and median income is down and gasoline has doubled and the national debt is through the roof at 16 trillion. >> what your slide is missing back in january, february and april of march 09, we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. it is brutal. we have been creating jobs. >> this doesn't reflect population growth, the job creation. >> did the 800 reflect
3:27 am
population >> brian: that is a good point. go back 52 month was economic growth that president bush produced. >> there is no question we have a lot to do, but the president, and what i am excited about for the convention, it is a great opportunity for the president to lay out not only his plans, but the different approaches of governor romney's plan and his. >> brian: the president wants to build from the bottom up. that is economically impossible to build from the bottom up. you might want to benefit from bottom up but not build up. >> he wants to build from the middle out. the strength of our economic rested on a strong middle class. the kinds of investments that he want to make in infrastructure. >> brian: where are we getting that money? >> long-term investmentings.
3:28 am
like buying a house you have to borrowing. there is investments of boroing making sense. best way of doing that is have a economy growing. >> brian: you understand why people are squeamish of 800 billion going out . a lot of people thought those projects will go there rather than keep people in state and government jobs. >> that is not fair. people driving from new york to washington there is a high pass lane and no more congestion. and we spent money on transportation projects and put people to work immediately for projects that create long-term economic growth. >> brian: i know you want everyone working but it is below the national average. >> we are worked relentlessly and focused on putting people back to work. >> brian: governor, great to
3:29 am
see you. good luck on your speech. >> thank you. >> brian: in the bottom of the hour. nantana coman is a charlotte native. she will introduce us to the city with the help of the carolina panthers, pizza? >> spread it out. >> football and piz a. taking the plunge on the lesson with human flight. i am the neil armstrong of the jet pack? yes, you will find out. happy birthday to beyonce. it is her birthday, i will give her a pass. ♪ today's birthday brought to you by red lobster where we see if anythings differently. anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp
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♪ ♪ >> gretchen: those are the unc dancers, the niners. they are doing a fantastic job. those leg kicks. to be young again. >> steve: it hurts. >> brian: it hurts to do with pants on. i will say this. this group is off for the summer. they are back getting ready for the football season and
3:34 am
for my money in midseason form. >> steve: there you go. they are dancing in the dnc. welcome to charlotte in day one and we are in the nascar hall of fame . we'll be here all week long. >> brian: a lot of people are dropping by. 90 minutes, it will be 150 degrees. the service of the sun. >> steve: coats are coming off. >> gretchen: well, the dnc gets underway here in charlotte . republican presidential nominee mitt romney is in vermont practicing for the upcoming debates with president obama. doug is with us in wootstock, vermont. good morning to you, doug. >> you can't get much further removed from the crowds in woodstock, vermont just across the border from where governor romney has a summer home. there is renovation for the
3:35 am
home . so he is at governor heely. it has an open air design. governor romney sparring partner and playing president obama is governor portman from ohio. he is well versed in opposition think he likes to read the leberal leaning new republic as much as the conservative national review and has an uncanny ability to capture president obama's style. four years ago when he did thi same type of debate preparation with senator john mccain. he did it so effectively that cindy mccain refused to speak to him several days afterwards. for governor romney it provides an opportunity to test one liners and campaign rally in jacksonville, florida. >> i need to ask each one much
3:36 am
you to find one person who voted for barack obama and they are out there. you can usually tell where they are. on the cars, you can see the glue where the bumper sticker used to be. all right. >> we understand that governor romney is not fond of the debate and prefers to look at briefing books and discuss the kinds of answers. to see that he studies up on the briefing books, his aides will put a funny picture in the back of the briefing book to see if he gets that far . he does they say. back to you guys. >> gretchen: sounds like a lot of hard work and dedication. >> brian: to me it shows how serious he takes the debates. the conventions bumps both sides. he's so competitive. he want to beat rob portman as
3:37 am
he does president obama. >> steve: republicans had their debate and convention and a number of top republicans are right here in charlotte right now and housed in the nascar complex. they set up a rapid response unit and anything that the pro obama team puts out, if they can, they will counter it. you can see the rapid response center here in charlotte. >> gretchen: and the other than thetenits is social media. things have changed over the last four or eight years. it used to be that the campaign laid low. they feel like you can't. you have to have a rapid response because of social media number one. and the republicans are bringing in top notch people. nicky haley from suth carolina and marco rubio . the rnc chair. and vice-president biden
3:38 am
supposed to be in tampa but the weather precluded that. >> steve: that could have impacted the area as well. republicans here in this city are giving out tissues that they break up and distributing lego outfits that say we did build it or you did build it and playing on that. and also a block from where we are sitting the big convention center and looked at the souvenirs on the democratic side. we were looking at obama birth certificate mugs, apparently you need to prove you are a u.s. citizen to buy a souvenir over there because it is considered a contribution. and they don't take money from people or lobe i felt. if you want to buy a t-shirt you have to prove who you are
3:39 am
and where you live. >> gretchen: city of charlotte rolling out the red carpet to the delegates and politician and media. anna is a proud native and joins us this morning . >> good morning to you, born and raised in charlotte in the queen city. i was work negligent fox pavilion as well we'll show you great thing in my home town. we'll have pizza with the carolina panthers. ♪ so happy to be in my beautiful home town of charlotte, north carolina. here in the best pizza place. we'll catch up with my friends who are waiting inside. come on. ♪ hey, guys. good to see you. >> how is new york? >> it is fantastic and loving
3:40 am
life and great to be home. >> i need some. you got some for me. let's eat pizza, let's go. ♪ stretch it out. and when do we spin, right. >> it is. playing it here. and he has the thing figured out. i want to be like jimbo when i grow up. >> spread it out with oregano and pinch and pepperroni . how are you doing. >> i am pelling fox right there. >> beautiful. >> bota bing and bota boom. what does that spell. what is the proper way. >> let it go nice and slow.
3:41 am
>> it is always a mess. >> i used too much sauce. >> and for locals it can be tough you locals are getting out of town? >> it is like fort knox and hard to get to our apartments. >> what about the practice field? >> people in the city and chaotic now. >> first time coming down to charlotte and they will see how beautiful charlotte is. i think they will be back. >> that was a lot of work. good though, you need another. success. time now for the big reveal here. it is fantastic and bringing southern pizza to my new york friend and that was supposed to say fox. it is a jumbly mess. >> it was made out of the
3:42 am
pepperoni. you didn't see it >> brian: a for effort. >> steve: brian we'll have something approximate coming up tomorrow for everybody. >> gretchen: thank you, nana. >> steve: both parties firing off political ads. which ones are work not working? that man polster frank lunz joins us next. >> gretchen: and now brian's big surprise reveal. he will get back in. >> brian: good job. >> steve: your own version of water boy. ♪ ♪ ♪ hang on. ♪ ruby with the ret dress. ♪ ooh. ♪ but when sloopy.
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3:46 am
when a group of by standers took him down so he could not get away. they are taking him down with a lot of punches. >> steve: thank you, gretch. the political adwars are heating up and both sides releasing new ones. polster ed lunz got reaction from swing voters. good morning to you, frank. >> we have a win and are a loser and it is dramatic how differently they reacted. move powerful about this adis the visual. the candidates, republican candidates walkog top of voters, and it did not play well at all. let's take a look. >> i mitt romney and my vice-presidential pick paul ryan do solemnly pledge to fight for tax cuts for
3:47 am
millionaires and billions and pay for by staying on the middle class and higher taxs and destroying. we thank you for your local and generous support and accept your nomination for president and vice-president of the one percent. >> steve: that seems harsh. >> it is more than harsh and swing voters here in charlotte and ground zero for politics thought it was offense and i have crude and angry at it they don't realize it is a barack obama. they can't tell whether it is move on or alabama campaign . if anyone from the obama campaign is watching, they would have that adpulled. >> steve: you say we have a winner with this one. >> best ads of the campaign it is barack obama's own words from 2008 and 12. it is remarkable. be let's take a look.
3:48 am
>> these are the steps that we must take. >> there are plenty of step to take right now. to get our economy back on track. >> if we are going to end our dependence on foreign oil. >> recruit an army of new teachers. >> make college affordable. >> make college more affordable. and we have crumbling roads n and bridges. >> tonight more americans are out of the work. we are looking for work. >> at a time when so many people are struggling to keep up. >> few are willing to work. >> if you are willing to work harder. >> i promise you. i promise you, change will come. >> steve: powerful. >> it is memorable. and the voters in our group are reacting not just visually .
3:49 am
laugh horrified by it what it communicates, it is just word and he's saying what he did now as he did then. when will it happen? republican national committee has a winner with that ad. >> steve: we have a winner in you coming up. >> ow. >> steve: he hurt his hanted. i forgot. >> i am going to the happy now. >> steve: good put it on my deducteble. it is it a lesson senator mccain learned the hard way. he believes mitt romney can fly. brian kilmeade's dream comes true after the break. ♪ i believe i can touch the sky. ♪ i think about it every night is and day. ineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections
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♪ >> brian: so you know for years i talked about the jet pack. >> steve: all of the time. >> brian: where is the jet pack. critics say it was not ready. critics right here. there are jet packs and in the beginning and infancy stage. i had a chance to try my first one on the water. let's talk about the evolution of the flying machine. ♪ >> i want everyone to have a jet pack. >> brian: right around the corner in 1972. >> steve: i have written off the jet pack. >> brian: i know what you would like. if i can fly i am happy. if james bond can do it why can i. i have the fancy car like 007 and not to mention the beautiful women, but there was one more thing i needed to achieve, strap the rockets in my back and fly to the sky and
3:54 am
then this year. gretchin delivered the good news. >> gretchen: try the water powered jet pack for you. details on the luxury choicethat's what your wife wanted. >> brian: i watch mide colleagues try and fall. >> it started right now. if i wanted to fly, i will find a master trainer. i found keith paul who is chief instructer. >> astronauts are the only ones you feel. >> brian: i was ready to begin my training>> start it and pull the key off if you go down. i can talk to you but you cane talk back. >> brian: this helmet on. i would like to survive. is it possible. only thing that would be
3:55 am
wounded is my pride. i >> yes. >> brian: i will willing to put that on the line. ♪ ♪ down one. nice and easy. up, up. that was good wasn't it. >> yeah. get you good forward. and that is easy. ♪ weare down. okay. pull yourco. that's it now. you don't drink water when you do it proper >> brian: my training didn't goo h. i came back dressed for success. ♪
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♪ ♪ it is very noyce. ♪ ♪ note i am not looking for you. but i am looking for fox news. ♪ >> that was really awesome. maybe i should rethink the jet
3:57 am
pack. >> steve: >> steve: ladies and gentlemen, that is awesome. >> gretchen: you were better when you were james bond. >> brian: it is true i am better in a suit. there is 30 in the country. it is inventor of the wet suit. i can't wait to see the dry cleaner's face when you see that. >> gretchen: how is your face after doing the crash landing. >> brian: not good. >> steve: straight ahead the president promises to work with congress if reelected. can congress believe him. we'll have more live coming up next. ♪ ♪ get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] there's oreo creme under that fudge!
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4:00 am
♪ . >> gretchen: watch out! >> steve: segueway. >> steve: live from the nascar hall of fame here in downtown charlotte, it's "fox & friends"! since we seguewayed. live on fnc.
4:01 am
>> brian: you usc charlotte 49ers are here. the basketball band is here. we have a great hour coming up. ♪ >> steve: is this segueway parking right here? there we go. thank you. >> brian: i really don't want to get off this thing. >> steve: it's very cool. >> brian: this is great for charlotte tours. this is a great way to see charlotte, we understand. >> steve: brian, brian! you're finding a -- fine on a jet pack. on dry under great, not so -- on dry ground, not so good. welcome to "fox & friends" hour two. yesterday was labor day. we're right here in the heart of charlotte at the nascar hall of fame. great to see university of north carolina cheerleaders and the pep band and everybody is here. a lot of people don't realize that there was a gold rush not only in georgia, but also here
4:02 am
in north carolina in the -- they discovered gold here in 1799 and went for about the next 25 years. every gold coin minted in the united states was done right here with this particular charlotte gold. >> gretchen: thank you so much for that good performance by the band, dancers and norm the 9er, the mascot. we all survived on the segueway. >> brian: i almost crashed. i don't want to walk anyway. they're fantastic. here is the thing, it is going to be exciting. day one of a three-day convention starts tonight. i think the headliner is the first lady of the united states. she's going to look at humanizing the president more. >> gretchen: we'll look for -- n center right now. the first lady will speak as the official first day kicks off. wendell goler is live outside of the time warner cable arena. >> brian: i'd like to start with a report i'm getting. there is a report out here they're look for a second source
4:03 am
that wendell goler, who likes to ride a motorcycle, would be open to switching to a segueway. is that correct? >> as long as i don't have to take the segueway on the freeway. i love those things. they're great. i did a tour of new orleans on a segueway and i used them in the dominican republic. they're fabulous means of transportation. i know you guys like them. was this your first time on them, brian? >> yeah. my second day on them ever. it's fantastic. i prefer un ickescycle. i also like to juggle on one. >> steve: let's preview what happens today. >> let me talk about the first lady who will help launch the convention tonight selling the 6,000 -- telling the 6,000 delegates the president understands because toes are his roots. she will make the case for giving him time to finish what he started. she's one of several women speaking tonight, including democratic national committee
4:04 am
chair debbie wasserman schultz, lily ledbetter whose name was lent to the first pay act. san antonio mayor will deliver the keynote address. he's the first hispanic to give the keynote at the democratic national convention. his is an incredible story, rising from humble roots to harvard, like his twin brother, who was a texas state legislator. the president himself wraps up his tour of battle ground states called the road to charlotte with a campaign event in virginia. yesterday he made yet another trip to ohio, a state no republican has won the white house without. he celebrated labor day by applauding organized labor. >> it is unions like yours that help to forge the basic bargain in this country, the bargain that built the greatest middle class and the most prosperous country and the most prosperous economy that the world has ever known. >> big labor is not happy with the decision to hold the democratic convention here in
4:05 am
north carolina. arguably the least union friendly state in the country with a ban on some public workers unions and specifically the state with the smallest percentage of union workers, just 3% in north carolina. steve, gretchen, brian? >> steve: wendell goler in downtown, about four blocks. >> gretchen: let's talk about some of the speakers who are going to be here today. they have to keep the streets clone. former president bill clinton will be speaking later on this week and apparently his speech is the only one that hasn't been vetted yet by the obama campaign. last hour, brian, you brought to our attention that the president still writes his speeches longhand on a yellow pad, so that could be part of the reason. but could it also be president clinton wants to say what he wants to say? that has some top level democrats maybe a little concerned, because if you recall in the last couple of months,
4:06 am
the former president has come out against some of obama's central policies with regard to tax. he was in favor of extending the bush tax cuts in the first interview that he did. he didn't want to have a millionaire's tax and he called romney's business career stellar. >> steve: he's sort of a loose cannon of the he likes to talk about bill clinton. how many delegates will be look at bill clinton going man, when he was president, things were okay. >> brian: that's what they want. i believe that's the imthat the democrats want. >> steve: so why -- but then there is the buyer's remorse. why is he president right now as the street sweeter goes by? there is an item in the new yorker, this is an embarrassing quote. apparently when bill clinton was trying to talk ted kennedy into supporting hillary clinton in 2008, at one point, according to the new yorker, bill clinton
4:07 am
said of barak obama a few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags. >> brian: that quote has been first reported and evidently relayed to him from the lace tim russert. then he was heard again, so he went with the quote. a lot of people are saying, wow. isn't that racial undertones? for people that know bill clinton, i don't think there is a cell in his body that is racist. >> gretchen: they tried to make him into that four years ago. that could have played into maybe that comment happening. also he was trying to woo ted kennedy to endorse his wife. remember, this was during that real big battle between hillary clinton and barak obama and obviously hillary lost out on that. the other piece of the puzzle for bill clinton in the speech is, is he trying to tee it up in a way for hillary to run in 2016? you have to keep that in the back of your mind. >> brian: i wopped for this will come into the fray, everyone is saying under george bush the tax
4:08 am
cuts and prescription drug plan and the wars up thed deficit and got news this mess. think about it for a second. that's not what got us into this mess! the bank collapsed. as much as the sub prime mortgages that caused this entire thing to collapse. you talk to any collapse. the books have been made, no one says prescription drug plan and no child left behind was the reason. >> steve: yesterday we had tucker carlson reporting from the daily caller on how back in 1996, i believe, then a guy who lived in illinois by the name of barak obama who was a lawyer was suing on behalf of a number of homeowners in red line districts who could not afford their homes. he was actually at the center of the subprime debauchle because he was trying to keep people who could not afford their homes in their homes. the other thing about bill clinton and barak obama is they don't like each other. so it took a big step for barak obama to ask bill clinton, hey, can you help me out?
4:09 am
>> gretchen: he needs him. >> steve: he does need him. >> gretchen: president clinton is more popular than any former politician. >> steve: than joe biden. >> gretchen: let's talk about the convention afterwards because what will people be paying attention to after the conventions? the debate. three debates between president obama and governor mitt romney. the question being asked is how should mitt romney prepare? that's what he's doing this week. he's not on the campaign trail. let's ask his predecessor, john mccain. bill o'reilly got this response. >> take the offense and attack his record. he can not defend his record. take the offense and by the way, senator rob portman is playing obama in the practice, i guarantee you portman will prepare him. i hate rob portman to this day because of him playing obama in our preparation for the debates. >> steve: that's funny. >> brian: i think it will be interesting, totally different. inches senator mccain has the experience against president
4:10 am
obama, he's a u.s. president with four years of track record, which means he knows the issues better, to his point. the other point is, he's got a record to defend. so you can study your way to success, i think, and the best example for people that support mitt romney that he could be successful is, look how he came back against newt gingrich. he got roasted against newt gingrich early and by the end, he really had him back against the wall. >> steve: sure. plus a lot of people wonder how does a sitting u.s. senator, somebody who is a veteran of the congressional wars, how do they prepare for their part. >> i assume in the morning they give you a folder, overnight folder of what date your handlers -- no, you get a briefing, right? >> yes. and when i got up in the morning, i watch the early shows and, of course, have to tune in on "fox & friends." >> you want a good laugh, you go with doocy examine kilmeade --
4:11 am
and kilmeade and carlson. >> steve: thank you very much, bill o'reilly. >> gretchen: besides some laughs, you get some news and information here like right now, because we have your headlines for you. let's do the first story. caught talk being journalists covering the dnc, they have to show their i.d. three times. identification is required at the security entrance when receiving press credentials. they say it's odd considering their stance on voter i.d. laws. eric holder sued to prevent people from showing i.d.'s. union members are trying to soften their image at this convention by giving out free hugs. the north carolina afl-cio, the largest labor union, hundred ago hug a thug booth in charlotte. they hope they will crush the image of union members as thugs. they want the public to see them as hard working americans. the site of the convention is a controversial one for unions. north carolina is a right to
4:12 am
work state. it bans unions from forcing members to join or pay dues. in response, the biggest labor groups decided not to support the dnc. chicago mayor rahm emanuel cutting short his trip to the dnc, days before his city could see the first teacher strike in 25 years. [ cheers and applause ] teachers are not happy emmanuel took away any agreed upon pay increase. they're threatening to strike coming up this monday of the he was originally going to stay at the dnc through friday. he's heading home tomorrow night. the mayor's office says the change has nothing to do with the looming strike. those are your headlines. >> steve: live from charlotte, coming up, the president promises he's going to work with congress if he's reelected. can we really believe him? does congress even believe him? members on both sides are mirror with their perspective.
4:13 am
altmire and chan. >> brian: do you do the delegates get here and with why are they supporting president? a special panel here to explain and maybe jam down a pita [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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4:16 am
>> steve: delegates representing all 50 u.s. states and other u.s. territories are gathered here in charlotte this week for the democratic national convention to nominate president obama officially for reelection. how do they get here? let's meet a couple of them. hannah mccarly, delegate from west virginia. pennsylvania delegate bob robner and new york delegate brian benjamin. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: hannah has the distinction of not only celebrating a birthday yesterday at 18, but you're the youngest delegate and you're hissing high school, aren't you? >> i am. >> steve: talk to the president, see if he can write you an excuse note. brian, i was looking through
4:17 am
your resume. you have something in common with mitt romney. >> what's that? >> steve: you both graduated from the harvard business school. >> that's right. he also graduated from law school. it's funny. one of his sons is in my class in 2003. it's been interesting. >> steve: has matt tried to talk to you. >> i've been talking pretty bad about his father. >> steve: bob, your story is different. because you were a republican for a very long time. >> i was. >> steve: now you're on the democratic side. >> i was republican, state senator, like hannah, the youngest delegate, i was the youngest state senator. i was 26 when i first got elected to state senate. i did it for philadelphia, a democrat town. i went to ten republican conventions, six democrat conventions and i love super bowls. i go to all super bowl, politics, every four years. >> steve: sure. hannah, i got to ask you, you're in high school. you're 18 years old. how did you become a delegate? >> i've always been really
4:18 am
involved on politicses at a local level. and when i got the opportunity to do something on a national level, i grabbed it. >> steve: sure. the number one issue that you're worried about going into the presidential election is what? >> for me personally, it's health care and education, 'cause those are two things that are affecting me directly at this point in my life. >> steve: and brian, real quickly, how it you get selected to be a delegate? >> i came in 2004. after that, i got very involved in harlem in 2007 and became a delegate. it's been great. a great process. >> steve: you've been watching him. for people who know your history with president obama, do some say brian, this time it's hard 'cause unemployment is high and a lot of that hope and change stuff didn't happen. >> well, i think people had unrealistic expectations. in 2008, we all said oh, my god, he's going to change the world immediately. now we're starting to get
4:19 am
educated on the process and it's difficult. so we're seeing that. people are excited about the president in inner cities and all over this country. we'll have a great victory. >> the people of charlotte are excited. the taxi drivers, the workers. they say this is history. it's good to be part of history. >> steve: it's great to have you all as well. bob and hannah and brian as well, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead after four break-ins, this 92-year-old war hero had enough. wait until you hear what happened to the fifth guy who tried to rob him. the president says he'll work with congress fee gets reelected. can you believe him? congressmen from both sides of the aisle, live from dnc coming up next [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab.
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4:23 am
>> brian: news by the numbers. day one of the convention, first, three bucks. that's the tooth fairy's going rate, according to a visa survey. 15% more than what kids found under their pillow last year. next, 40 years. that's how long the price is right has been on the air. the milestone episode is today. i hope someone wins and comes running out of the stands. 500 miles. that's how far buckie traveled to be reunited with his owner. mark moved to myrtle beach and left him in virginia because he couldn't keep him. soon after, buckie disappeared
4:24 am
and found near his new home. an animal shelter contacted him thanks to a microchip. we'll follow that story. gretch, wherever you are, i hope you're happy. let's listen to your debate. >> gretchen: thanks so much. i'm right up here on the set. americans are tired of the gridlock in washington, but who is to blame? new poll shows 74% disapprove of congress. are they the ones who need to fix the problem? let's ask republican representative chafenn and congressman jason altmire. two jasons up here today. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: maybe we should tell our viewers that the two of you get along of the you just returned from a trip together from china? >> yeah. if it was up to us, we could get it done. >> gretchen: what's going on in congress? >> it's a mess. i got to tell you, i can look people in the eye and say, at least on the house republican had the opportunity, we did pass budgets. for two years in a row, we did pass a budget. but the united states senate has
4:25 am
gone more than 1200 days without passing a budget. they're supposed to pass a budget. we passed a budget. go to reconciliation, work out the problems. when harry reid and the democrats don't pass one, you can't move forward. >> gretchen: how do you respond? 'cause the senate is controlled by the democrats? >> i share his frustration with the senate. however, it's a process issue because of the filibuster, because the republican minority has the ability to hold up the ability to pass anything, including the budget, the democrats have been unable to do it. in the house, all you need is a majority. one more vote than the other side, you'll win every day. in the senate side, you need 60 vets and the democrats don't have 60 votes. >> gretchen: how does the president factor into this? he gave recent interview where he said in a second term that he would reach across the aisle more and that he'd be able to find more compromise. a lot of people scratch their head and say why would that happen in the second term if it didn't happen in the first term? >> that's the thing, it should have happened at the very
4:26 am
beginning. i don't see this president engaged whatsoever. time after time, i've seen him say i'll work with anybody. i sent letters. i have called. i have tried to work with the legislative liaison office. there are things i actually agree with the president on, but i've never seen him reach out and work with the house republicans. i think they went five months before president obama and speaker boehner even spoke. that's just a lack of leadership. >> gretchen: is that disingenuous to say he would reach across the aisle? >> brian: jason had his experience with the president. but i think in general the president has reached across the aisle, especially in the beginning of his term. he may not feel it's worth his while now because he's bun rebuffed, but remember with the stimulus, the early stages of the health care bill, certainly the debt ceiling debate we had, the president did reach across. >> gretchen: the republicans have a long memory about how the health care thing went down. many people felt like it was just ram rodded through. right? >> yeah. we didn't get a chance to read the bill, just literally hours.
4:27 am
the process is totally broken. you got to look to the president for leadership. they hold a unique position and for the president to say, well, i'll do that next four years, come on. nobody is buying that. >> gretchen: you will no longer be in congress at the end of the year. will you have a different view of congress after you leave? >> i won't have a different view. i think congress is much too partisan. i could ask all the time why is congress so partisan? it's because we have a process that elects partisans to the position. congress has 11% approval rating because it's out of step with 89% of the american people, most people want us to work together, like jason and i do. they want us to get along and get things done, but that's not what happened on the floor of the house. >> gretchen: the two jasons were in charge, maybe there would be more compromise. good to sigh both. have a good rest of the week. coming up, chicago mayor rahm emanuel asked for federal help to battle a surge in chicago crime, while chicago cops are here in charlotte. and not only is he a pro
4:28 am
wrestler,, is he better off four years ago. is brian better off than when he met rick flair? that's next welcome aboard! [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> brian: that guy got a sit down with the first lady yesterday. he used to work at the white house. he's got an on-line hour special. >> steve: something. she was doing the walk through a couple of blocks from where we are right here. he taped it or blogged it or whatever they do with things like that. >> gretchen: he's been on our show as well. let's do some headlines. rahm emanuel says he needs federal help for a surge of violence in chicago. but 50 chicago officers are actually going to charlotte to work security for the convention here. so the police department says the officers are going on days off and it is a thank you for charlotte sending officers for the nato summit in chicago. the fraternal order of police outraged. the spokesperson says we had two homicides and dozens of shootings this weekend and we're sending officers out of the city? i think the average person would shake his head over that. the chicago police department says the homicide rate is 31% higher than last year.
4:33 am
346 reported homicides as of august 19. >> steve: i saw some of the chicago cops here on this block yesterday. >> brian: the president of iran is coming back to the united states and a lot of folks are not happy about it. count me in. several groups are demanding the hotel refuse to let ahmadinejab stay there. he's coming to the united states this month to speak at the u.n. one group is calling for a boycott against the hotel and plans to protest outside. who wouldn't? this would be the second year in a row the warwick provided his digs and we have to guard his safety. >> steve: clear message for intruders, don't mess around with his 92-year-old world war ii vet. earl jones says he was in his room getting ready for bed when he heard somebody break into his kentucky home. it's the third time he's been robbed, so he grabbed his gun and waited at the top of the stairs. and then -- >> i aimed for the center of the heart.
4:34 am
he was a big guy. had a big chest. >> steve: well, joe shot the man in the chest. by the time the cops got there, the intruder was gone. he was found nearby dead with two guys admitting being accomplices. no word whether mr. jones will face charges. >> gretchen: prince harry keeping his clothes on for a change. >> brian: that's the story. >> gretchen: in his first public appearance since the vegas party pictures hit the web. he was caught in a suit and tie laughing with kids at a charity ehave not and he poked fun at himself, too. >> terrorists, volunteers, are quite frankly two remarkable fore me eloquently to describe with mere words. i'll give it a go. >> gretchen: the event seen as a first step in rehabbing his image. >> steve: it will take a little while. >> brian: we got an emergency
4:35 am
meeting back tepals. >> brian: mitt romney will be focusing on the upcoming debate. doug mckelway is live in vermont where somewhere around there, mitt romney is rehearsing with senator portman. hey, doug. >> that's right. mitt romney wanted a little peace and quiet to study his debate preparations, this may have been the perfect spot. we're in woodstock, vermont. he's up the road a piece in west windsor, vermont at the summer home of his senior advisor. healy's home, worth $3.9 million, has an open airy quality to it, we hear. it lends itself to the feeling of being in a larger hall and perfect for a mock debate of this sort. the romney camp being extremely tight lipped about what kind of preparation this specifically entails. the most we've learned came from a session of orange bowling on
4:36 am
the campaign plan the other day when reporters wrote a note on the orange, rolled it up the aisle as the plane is climbing. they wrote on the orange, are you letting senator portman play obama in debate prep? mitt wrote back on the orange, rolled it back, it said, shh. tonight tell sununu, but yes. portman may be the best man to do this kinds of thing. when he engaged in a similar role for years ago for senator mccain. he performed so uncannily in his resemblance of then senator barak obama that sitting cindy mccain did not speak to him for several days. preparation for the debate offer romney a bit of a chance to hone some zingers, one liners like this one that he delivered in jacksonville on saturday. >> look, if there is a coach whose record is 0-23 million, you get rid of him and get someone new!
4:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] i don't like the way this game is going under this president! it's time for us to get a new leader who understands what it takes to get america working again. >> we heard romney is not particularly fond of this kind of formal debate preparation. he prefers to study the briefing books and hash it out with his aides over how he should respond to certain questions. one more thing about rob portman, he was a member, as you recall, of the super committee, the congressional committee bipartisan committee that tried and failed to come up with a budget plan. by virtue of his membership on that committee, he knows intimately the details of the democrats' budget strategy and will be of invaluable benefit to mitt romney in the days to come. brian? >> brian: yeah. i imagine. plus he knows the budget 'cause did he that with president bush. thanks a lot, doug. >> steve: meanwhile, look who
4:38 am
has joined us on our set right here in front of the nascar hall of fame. hall of fame wrestler, r with ic flair. how are you? >> good morning. >> steve: a lot of people might not -- we've known you, we loved you for decades. a lot of people might not realize charlotte is your hometown. >> yeah. it's amazing hot city is growing. >> brian: you preceded gretch gretchen in minnesota. you were there decades before? >> and four years before jet ski. >> gretchen: you know i have to tell that you we watched wrestling like it was -- every single week in our family as kids, we loved it. >> you're from minneapolis? >> gretchen: vern gagne. you're a legend of sorts because you have lived here so long. >> when i got here, it was me and richard petty. >> steve: whatever happened to him? >> he's still here. >> steve: i'm kidding. do you still have those outfits we're looking at?
4:39 am
>> oh, yeah. >> brian: you don't have those outfits! are you kidding? >> steve: my lawyer has got alk about what you do outside of the ring as well, because everyone knows you for wrestling, but you've also been a small business owner. one of the questions that's come up this week during the dnc is whether or not americans are better off now than they were four years ago when president obama became president. how do you answer that question? >> first of all, i was a small business owner from '93 to 2001. i had ten gold gyms and i did great with them. everything has changed since 2001. i just think that the most important thing for americans to remember is we are the land of opportunity, you know. there is always an uncertainty of taxes, always an uncertainty of health care. it's hard. i don't know enough small business owners personally to make an educated comment, but it
4:40 am
gets tough out there. >> brian: you talk about a mentality. things if bad, go change it for yourself as opposed to blame somebody and wait for an entitlement. are you correct? >> yeah. i think you got to go for what -- vote for what you believe in. that's always easy to blame somebody else. we know that story action right? he did it wrong. he caused the problem. if you feel it and you have it in your heart and soul and mind and you want to do it, you got to go for it. >> steve: four years ago north carolina went for barak obama by a slim margin. do you feel like the state will repeat that? do you feel like there is change afoot? >> i really don't know the answer to that. i have a lot of friends in the republican party. i have friends in the democratic party. i don't know. i just think it's really important this year that everybody vote. >> steve: what's the number one thing people are worried about? >> everybody wants the world it change tomorrow. doesn't matter who gets elected. it's going to take time and a
4:41 am
lot of hard work, regardless who have is elected president. >> brian: i saw you campaigned for both bushes and bob dole. >> bob dole and huckabee. and chuck norris. on a private plane for a week. >> gretchen: i'd like to hang out with you guys. >> we had a ball, yeah. i like mike a lot. >> steve: ric was that a fun week or it on the plane? >> great. just one week. >> brian: you also have a shirt on there that's important to you. >> coca-cola. >> brian: you said it's better than five hour energy. >> blows that out of the water. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: since we get up in the middle of the night, we might need a few of those. >> i brought two cases for you guys. >> gretchen: thank you. >> i'll put it up here. >> brian: i hope they bring you back to the wwa. >> i'd like that, too, thanks.
4:42 am
>> gretchen: there he goes. >> brian: the way we had the rundown is ric would be on camera at the end, but he wants to go. >> steve: round of applause for your favorite son in charlotte. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: tell people what's coming up. >> brian: two hall of famers. >> two of them. >> gretchen: are you going to come back. does organic food make you healthy? the surprising study on what you really get for your money. >> brian: after president obama's second year in office, democrat lost her seat. she's coming up. i wonder what they'll talk about. we'll have that breaking story. she's ready to go
4:43 am
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4:46 am
produce is more nutritious and the answer is no. they found organic food was equal to conventional produce for both vitamins and minerals content. steve? >> steve: all right. thank you very much. the chair of california's democratic party, john burton, is in hot water after comparing republican campaign tactics to nazis saying they lie and don't care if people think they lie. like yosef gubel. you keep repeating it. he issued an apology, but is this really the tone democrats should be taking? joining us now is former democratic senator from the great state of arkansas, blanch lincoln of the good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having they. >> steve: what was that guy thinking saying that? that's just stupid. >> people get wrapped up in it and they want to be sensational so folk also cover them. it's not appropriate and we need to move on. people are interested in knowing what the issues are and what democrats are going to do for them.
4:47 am
>> steve: yeah. and as the democrats start their convention officially today, the problem for your party is the fact that unemployment is high right now and there are a lot of people who are looking for jobs. net, net since the president started, we're still down 3 or 400,000 jobs from where he started. that's tough. >> it's tough, but i think it keeps people on message examine it should keep them focused. the issue is the economy. and the way that we can really jump start the economy is to create jobs. i've been working with the small businesses across the country talking about how important it is. we've got a tidal wave of regulations out there. 4200 new pending regulations just waiting. the uncertainty that comes out of washington is not going to help us create the jobs for small businesses that we need. >> steve: you were the youngest woman in the history of the u.s. senate. >> still am, the youngest woman ever elected. >> steve: congratulations. you lost your bid in 2010. >> i did. >> steve: it was just the whole anti-incouple benefitsy thing.
4:48 am
there was a wave, even though you were a moderate and you were out. >> you know, i worked hard for my state of arkansas, very proud to have been able to represent the people i love in arkansas. it was just not a good time. it wasn't a good time and, you know, i kind of got hit from both sides. but i guess it's appropriate when you're a moderate in the middle. >> steve: you have been a moderate. but the problem is these days, both sides are so polarized, the part in the middle, the gray area, not so big. >> well, if we really want to do something about the economy, put it back on track, really focus on the things that are going to help us grow our economy in this country, we've got to look for compromise. the compromise happens in the middle. i hope people will be willing to work together, democrats and republicans. i certainly enjoy working with mirin colleagues. had many, many friends on both sides of the aisle and that's where you solve the problems. >> steve: all right. senator blanch lincoln from
4:49 am
arkansas, thank you very much. >> great to be with you. >> steve: where exactly is brian? do you know, senator? >> i heard him hollering for coffee. >> brian: ty pennington tells us the secret of republicans and democrats working together. but it's really hot. we need towels. >> steve: brian and ty coming up after we move that bus. first, on this day in history back in 1976, "you should be dancing "by the bee gees. the number one song in the whole wide world. ♪ [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper,
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4:53 am
>> steve: we are here for day one of the dnc. there is a lot of stuff going on of the yesterday i checked out charlotte fest. brian, what did you do? >> brian: i hung out with ty pennington. when you talk about national conventions or pom tick, you don't think ty pennington. >> and the building starts right now! i need to build a house! >> brian: that's what's happening in tampa and charlotte. what would bring you down here? are you getting into politics? >> i love eastern politics. i love it, yeah. >> brian: tell me about the platforms of both candidates and both parties. >> well, like anything, i can build a good platform. but building half a house. we're putting the two houses together and giving it to a deserving veteran. >> brian: another great thing, you're using delegates. >> our labor force are the delegates. >> brian: is there a minimum
4:54 am
requirement of kill and experience? because we want the house it last. >> we want them to have extensive media training trainid some type of car carpentry skills. >> brian: you want the parties to come together. >> the truth is, what i learned is when you work together, amazing things can happen. welcome home! >> brian: this is a great project. off great job. let's go inside and see how they're doing. >> so this is the half that we're building in charlotte. this is the back bedroom. we've got our drywall in. we've got some of our delegates here painting, doing a fantastic job. >> brian: where are you from? >> new york. >> brian: fantastic. >> and this guy has been doing phenomenal work. we've got our windows in. we're painting the base. we'll get our floor not guilty later. basically what we're doing is we're building a house.
4:55 am
the other one has been built in tampa and on its way up. we'll put the two halfs together. it's a real home. you'll have like electrical. you got a laundry room. we've got the cabinets going in. we've got counter tops. >> brian: how are you? >> thanks for your help. where are you from? >> charlotte. >> brian: allall right. this is their house. >> the bathrooms. is house is not a home without this. we've got a shower. we've got the tie bar in. in here we got the appliances ready to go. >> brian: i feel like we're gotting the eye. we're in their way. we don't want to slow down projects. what is their work schedule? >> well, as you know -- >> brian: has to be done by what day? >> we need to be done with this particular home today, tonight to put them together tomorrow.
4:56 am
>> brian: you have got to see the economy and its effects. how has america changed from the ground up from what you've noticed? >> now it's really about taking all -- making all you have and making it work for your family. >> brian: how rewarding is it to change somebody's life on a regular basis? did you ever dream you would be doing this? >> it truly is the greatest experience you can have. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you? >> brian: my problem is, i'd like to help, but i'm absolutely useless with a hammer. i was born this way. i could go to therapy examine watch videos and dvds. i could study under you for two years. have you ever met somebody like that? >> yes. >> brian: and you agree i should stay away from manual labor? >> absolutely. >> brian: always great to see you. and great to see what you've done with your career and i look forward to crane day and this house literally coming together.
4:57 am
>> yeah. >> brian: thanks so much. i got to sweat next to somebody else. it's really hot. we need towels. we're not quitting. we're cooling off, baby. >> steve: should we call you brian the builder now? >> brian: yes, i wish i could. i would like to build a house. it would be good to help people. i always like to know how it do something. >> gretchen: it's great conceptt concept. in tampa, they're not -- in the outskirts. a little later they'll dedicate the house. >> gretchen: paul ryan this morning out on why the democrats dislike him so much. hear from paul ryan, top of the hour. >> steve: plus, why can't the president seem to answer the question, are you better off today than four years ago there's the sign to the bullpen.
4:58 am
4:59 am
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. i was in an accident. i lost my hands, my feet. shriners did a lot more than just heal me. they helped me put my whole life back together. (vo) send your love to the rescue. (vo) donate to shriners hospitals today. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, september 4. i'm gretchen carlson. insist texans so much for sharing your time with us today. we're live in charlotte, north carolina, because it's the dnc. and the head of the democratic party in california comparing republicans to nazis now? is this really the tone democrats should be taking? we'll explore that. >> brian: are you better off now than four years ago? queue paul ryan? >> simply put, the jimmy carter years look like the good old days compared to where we are right now. >> brian: laura ingraham here live to weigh in.
5:01 am
>> steve: meanwhile, it's a bird, it's a plane. it's brian kilmeade. >> pull down! keep them down there! there you go! keep pulling down. >> steve: look, he's water boarding himself. >> brian: i think so. >> steve: "fox & friends" hour two live from charlotte starts right now. ♪
5:02 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. live from charlotte, north carolina, we are at the nascar hall of fame and you are listening to the u.n. c. charlotte 49ers and the gold dusters dance team. and of course, norm the niner. guys, i wore green in honor of unc charlotte today. my favorite part of the band and the dancers out there, the guy on the drum set. the drums are green. did you check that out? >> steve: it's hard to be the drummer with a set like that in the marching band.
5:03 am
>> brian: you don't travel light. >> steve: brian, we saw a snippet of what you got in store. what are you doing tonight about 9:00 o'clock. >> brian: what am i doing tonight about 9:00 p.m.? why do you ask? >> michael clementi, the senior vice president for news e-mailed me. i want to see brian jet pack into the convention center tonight in prime time. >> brian: right. not only would i be jailed, i'd be beaten to a pulp and i'd eat a lot of water. did you tell our news director that. >> steve: they will let new if you got the proper credentials. >> brian: and the right helmet. >> gretchen: you're going to see brian jet packing. >> steve: it's been a dream for years for him! >> gretchen: yeah, he surprised us with our venture in tampa. he lost his voice. we were thinking he auditioned for a broadway show, something like that. >> brian: i was out drinking with o'reilley. >> gretchen: or that. but no, he was jet packing. you'll see it coming up in 15 minutes from now. let's get to your headlines. paul ryan's secret service code
5:04 am
name just revealed. is this supposed to be? well, anyway, it is now. it's bow hunter. his wife, jann a, butter cup. brian says he chose the name because it's his favorite hobby. just moments ago, we heard from congressman ryan of the he says democrats attack him and mitt romney because the president has no record to run on. >> he said he'd cut the deficit in half in four years. he didn't do that. he said if we passed the stimulus, unemployment would never get above 8%. it's been above 8% for 42 months. and so i know they don't like the fact that we point these facts out. >> gretchen: coming up tomorrow, paul ryan will join us live right here on "fox & friends." 8:00 o'clock hour. more than 100,000 people waking up in the dark one week after hurricane isaac pounded the gulf coast. president obama toured the damage in st. john the baptist parish, louisiana. it was one of the hardest hit. he said the trip was not politically motivated. some counter he used to take a
5:05 am
swipe at president bush. >> when disasters like this happen, we set aside whatever petty disagreements we may have. nobody is a democrat or a republican. we're all just americans looking out for one another. sometimes in the past we haven't seen the kind of coordination that is necessary in response to these kinds of disasters. this time we've seen it. >> gretchen: mitt romney did survey the damage in louisiana as well. that trip was last friday. chicago mayor rahm emanuel cutting short his trip to the dnc. the decision coming days before his city could see its first teacher strike in 25 years. [ cheers and applause ] teachers are not happy emmanuel took away an agreed upon pay increase. they're threatening to strike on monday. emmanuel was originally going to stay here at the dnc through friday. he's now heading home tomorrow night. the mayor's office says the change has nothing to do with the looming strike.
5:06 am
michael clark duncan, known for his performance in "the green mile" has passed away. >> can you leave the light on after bedtime? 'cause i get a little scared of the dark sometimes. if it's a strange place. >> gretchen: duncan appeared in dozens of other films, including "armageddon" and others. he worked as a body guard for others. he died where he was being treated for a heart attack he had back in july. he was engaged to reality star omarosa, from the first season of the apprentice. he was just 54 years old. those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: what a voice. >> brian: that was stunning. okay. inside the convention center, we understand people are already arriving, getting set for day one. it will be a big night. d.n.c. kicks off in a few hours
5:07 am
from now. first lady michelle obama, the headliner. she'll close it out. wendell goler will tell us what to expect. he's live outside the time warner cable arena in charlotte. what's up, wendell? >> good morning. michelle obama is not the keynote speaker tonight. that slot goes to san antonio mayor. but she may be the person most folks remember from tonight. it's her picture on the front page of the charlotte observer this morning, a picture taken at her walk through of the stage yesterday as workers were putting the finishing touches on the convention hall, which is the charlotte bobcat basketball arena. four years ago, president obama told her story. tonight the first lady will tell his. child of a single mother, raised in part by working grandparents. she says when they got out of college, their student loan payments were more than their mortgage. her role, much like ann romney's at the republican convention in tampa, is to make a personal appeal for the president and to lend him her popularity if that's possible. mr. obama toured parts of new
5:08 am
orleans, yesterday. earlier he told the crowd in toledo, ohio, the state's republican governor doesn't seem to be as unhappy with the economy as the rest of the party. >> john kasich stood up there and told everybody that ohio is now number one in the midwest in job creation. fourth best in america. which got folks kind of confused 'cause if it's all obama's fault and nothing is going right, what's going on in ohio? >> newark mayor cory booker will also speak tonight he called criticism of mitt romney's tenure at bain capital nauseating and then regretted using the word. booker said he wasn't defending romney. he was criticizing the polarized partisan atmosphere. he said he and the president are friends. democrat also adopt their platform. higher taxes on the wealthy and
5:09 am
endorse same sex marriage and abortion rights. the republican platform would ban same sex marriage and all abortions. brian? >> brian: all right. wendell goler, thanks so much. it will be a big night. 8 minutes after the hour. >> gretchen: we're joined by laura ingraham. >> steve: good morning to you. >> i think it's great that karl rove did that back hand spring with the cheerleaders. he's so nimble! that's amazing. >> steve: he is nimble. how about this? paul ryan yesterday in greenville, north carolina, said that no president in modern history has been able to say, i don't know if you are better off today than you were four years ago. barak obama and jimmy carter. listen to this. >> president since the great depression who asked americans to send them into a second term could say that you were better off today than you were four years ago, except for jimmy
5:10 am
carter and for president obama. the president can say a lot of things and he will, but he can't tell you that you're better off. simply put, the jimmy carter years look like the good old days compared to where we are right now. >> any time you're citing carter as something to aspire to, you know it's funny. look, yesterday i was watching a clip of axelrod on one of the sunday shows. well -- he asked chris wallace over and over again, he wouldn't answer the question time and again, wouldn't answer. that's kind of a basic question. and you guys had that devastating chart up earlier which i hope all americans can see. the household median income, which is family wealth, which has been deteriorating. 54,000 to 50. that's just one metric. that hits everybody in the gut. so president obama yesterday said well, my grade that i would give myself is incomplete. well, i mean, that's kind of what a lot of people feel. it's incomplete. but if you were in corporate
5:11 am
america or even the coach of a sports team and if you lost for 323456 years straight, you can't blame the previous coach. >> gretchen: that's why i think there is a deeper thing going on in society. i think it really does have so much more to do with entitlements and that point of people receiving government handouts because it's almost as if people are turning a blind eye to some of these stats because they're so overwhelmed. >> they're not making incomes. >> gretchen: i'm wondering what your thoughts are about that. >> the expansion of the entitlement state, by the way, which under republicans has been greater than under democrats. we have to be completely honest about that. republicans from nixon to ford, under bush expanded social security, huge outlays in spending. that has a corrosive effect. on the left they'll say that doesn't corrode the human psyche. we're all human. how can it not? you give your kids an allowance, they don't really do their
5:12 am
chores, but get allowance anyway. after a while, why should i do my chores? what's the point? you're going to give me five bucks to go to starbucks. so why would i do my chores? i'm not going to make my bed. >> brian: there is two things that bush tried to do that people didn't want done, immigration and social security reform. got stopped in its tracks. he didn't get a second term. >> but he expanded social security, on the health care issue with the prescription drug coverage. >> brian: right. >> medicare. >> brian: where that goes into the $16 trillion of debt, it doesn't even register. like no child left behind. >> it's an expansion of entitlement spending. >> brian: as people said, social security out of all the entitlements is the easiest to fix and they can't get together. president obama said two things. and he's not wrong. republicans have not cooperated because they don't believe in his programs, is probably the answer. and the other is we're in a big mess and the previous eight years are the problem. are people going to buy this? >> i think going back to simple analogy, if you're the ahead of the l.a. lakers and you have a new team in place, you're a
5:13 am
sports expert, off new strategy in place, you bring in your own cabinet. your own coaching staff, and you go back to the last coach, that coach really screwed up. it doesn't wash! you can have your planned parenthood speeches. you can have michelle talk about what a great guy barak obama is. you can do all that. that's fine. but in the end, it's about whether america is doing better and whether this whole system of 50% of people on some type of government expenditure is sustainable over time and it is not. >> steve: how excited are you to see what bill clinton says tomorrow night? >> i'm very excited. there are other networks that are not covering what he used to say about barak obama. you guys have been covering it. but the old deal is the clintons are none too happy about the obamas. but we're going to be look for subliminal messages. >> gretchen: good luck with your segueway. coming up, the democratic party chair in california comparing republicans to nazis? is this really the tone
5:14 am
democrats should be taking? karl rove and joe trippi not on segueways now, are going to weigh in on that. >> brian: those two-game faces. >> steve: then a lot of crazy things happen on "fox & friends." cue the naked guy. oh, my goodness. >> brian: wow the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes
5:15 am
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5:16 am
>> gretchen: the head of california's democratic party
5:17 am
compareing republicans to nazis. he said republicans lie. the big lie. burton issued an apology. is this really the tone democrats should be taking? joining me is senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president bush karl rove and joe trippi. eye hi, guys. >> hi. >> gretchen: i wish it was a better topic. it appears the mud slinging is going to the nth degree. is this what it's going to be in the last 65 days? >> this was way over the top. look, stephanie cutter went on sunday morning and said the republican campaign was built around three big lies. one of which was that the democrats, the obama administration had not taken $716 billion out of medicare, which they have. they took $716 billion out of medicare, most of that payments to doctors and hospitals, so-called provider payments and a big chunk of that, out of
5:18 am
support for what's called medicare advantage. and shifted it to pay for obamacare. that's a fact of life. i've had a conversation the director of the cbo about this, about how is this money going to get repaid? and to go out there and say that this is a lie, this shows that this is a campaign where people are going to have to sort through these things, push aside the rhetoric. if somebody is calling somebody a liar, they got to be careful. >> gretchen: what benefit does it do for the chairman of the democratic party in california, a highly regarded person, what benefit is there in comparing anyone to a nazi? >> well, i don't think there is a benefit to it. >> gretchen: he wouldn't have done it unless he was trying to get attention. >> he apologized -- >> look, this is a convention. and we're having convention events. delegates actually get drunk and some go to the hospital 'cause they overdid it and some delegates wear crazy hats and some say things -- crazy things or say it over the top. that's what happened here and that's all that's happened here. on the the bigger issue, these
5:19 am
two campaign also have a massive fight over who is telling the true or when is stretching the truth or who is lying, however you want to say it. and been having it for a couple weeks now examine they'll continue to have it through november. people have to decide whether it was cost savings in medicare or cuts or whether ryan had the same cut or cost savings in his budget, things like that. >> gretchen: you've been in politics a long time. is it worse now than ever before? >> it's worse in this election, i think in part because, look, you're always gog have disagreements. you're going to have disagreements about what the facts are. you're right. but the ryan budget assumes savings in medicare. but the difference is, it leaves the money in medicare because medicare is going broke. as opposed to taking the money out of medicare and taking it to fund a new entitlement. there is a disagreement. there are no nuances nuances nus
5:20 am
campaign. the president -- if president was spending more time talk being what he had done examine what he would want to into, then there would be less time for people to say liar, liar. >> gretchen: they're sticking around because the obama campaign keeps blaming president bush. joe will have something to say about that. are they trying to comp cover up -- cover up for the campaign's own flaws? now brian's big surprise revealed. yep. he's flying hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: got some quick headlines from downtown charlotte. best selling crime writer r.j. ellery has been caught red handed writing bogus reviews on the author of "the black dalia" was caught by another writer who found that ellery was posting under fake names, giving himself glowing reviews and slamming his competitors. ellery has since apologized. dc comics introducing an arab muslim character as their new green lantern. simon boz of lebanese descent from detroit and based on the creator's on past. the first issue will be available tomorrow. look for it. gretch, over to you, carl and joe. >> gretchen: thanks very much. the president's campaign is telling voters not to expect the same excitement that we saw in
5:25 am
2008 and once again, they're still using president bush as an excuse. >> nobody is sitting up here saying this is 2008. i mean, what's happened since an election in 2008 and right now, again, is this huge economic calamity caused by a series of bad decisions that were made before the president ever got there. >> gretchen: is the blame game sticking with the voters? we're back with karl rove and former manager of the howard dean presidential campaign, joe trippi. joe, i remember about two years ago where people were saying, wow, he's still blaming president bush, two years into the administration. now we're almost to the end of the first term, they're still blaming president bush and that's going to be the campaign theme here at the dnc. >> i don't think -- it's not blaming president bush, the person. it's blaming the policies. what's happening here is the republicans have taken to saying, hey, you were dealt a bad hand like it was bad luck that the president was -- president obama was dealt.
5:26 am
no, it's bad policies he was dealt that created -- >> gretchen: the banking -- you could go back to bill clinton for the banking mess. >> hey, i'm a big believer in this was 20, 30 years of stuff that piled on and it started to really pile on during clinton and bush. but i am saying that it was a different time. we were looking at both obama and clinton, one of them was going to make history and there was a big celebration in the party in 2008. i think -- look, obviously different times now. >> gretchen: why do they keep blaming? >> gretchen: blown. >> bologna. if it was the bush tax cuts, why, when he had all control of congress, keep not only not replace them, repeal them, but he renewed them for two more years? president obama looks weak when he blames his predecessor. president obama helped stop the -- filibuster the bill, it would have rained in fannie and
5:27 am
freddie while there was still time. it was his lousy recovery, his failed stimulus, and he ought to man up and own up to it. until he does, he'll look weak. we don't like our president, regardless of party, to look weak. >> gretchen: i got to move on, can having the dnc here in charlotte bring back that southern feeling for president obama? he won in the state, joe, by 14,000 votes and the recent polls have romney up by four. >> i certainly -- that's part of the hope of why they came to charlotte. look, virginia is still very much in play. some of the southern states -- he won southern states last time that had not been won before by a democrat in 40 years, north carolina one of them. this helps. it doesn't mean he's going to win it. even north carolina, four points, that's competitive. so yeah, i think smart move and a t can make a difference. >> gretchen: some of the other states are in play. >> political science literature shows holding a convention in
5:28 am
the state does not improve your chance of winning the vote. i'm glad they held it here because it irritated people. virginia and north carolina will be in play. north carolina is in the process of locking down for romney. and the president is going to lose the 15 electoral votes and the -- >> they're using north carolina the way they did in colorado in terms of using the convention as an organizing tool. they recruited 25,000 volunteers in colorado. it helped them carry the state. >> outspending mccain seven to one in states like indiana and three to one in states like north carolina and colorado helped him win. they won't be able to outspend him this time around. >> gretchen: i'll have the final word because we're out of time. great to chat with you today. coming up next on the rundown, the big unions not happy about the dnc being held in north carolina. what we were just talking about because it is a right to work state.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
>> steve: time for your shot of the morning. just because it's not their party doesn't mean the republicans stayed away. you're looking at the gop headquarters right here in charlotte, just outside the dnc secure zone. from here the republicans plan to respond to the speeches, the democrats plan to send joe biden famously to tampa last week to crash the rnc. but hurricane isaac forced them to cancel. none the less, the republicans are here with their rapid
5:33 am
response unit in the block that we're sitting at right now. >> brian: governor o'malley, somebody to look for, as well as cory booker will be somebody to look for, as well as their keynote speaker, the mayor of san antonio. >> gretchen: he used to be in the olden days that the parties would stand on the side lines while the other party was having their convention as sort of a way of showing respect. now with social media and things happening rapidly and immediately, that's not happening anymore. that's why republicans are here. they brought about swag or stuff that they're handing out to people to counter attack the democrats' message. some of the things are the leggos that steve is holing. you didn't build that. of course, capitalizing on their convention theme. >> steve: kleenexes. break up is hard to do. this is something else. plus, this is really interesting. i'm amazed we were able to get our hands on it. obama's second term agenda. confidentidistribution. let's hope it up. wait a minute. it's blank. foreign policy, jobs.
5:34 am
>> brian: now you know what the president has got to do on thursday at the stadium. rain or shine, he's got to lay it out. it's amazing. leading democratic, whether they're lawmakers or surrogates or pundits, they really can't tell you exactly what he wants to do for the next four years. only his goals. >> gretchen: we'll see if he goes back in time, as we were just discussing with karl rove and i don't trippi, will he go back in time to continue to talk about the policies of george w. bush and blame them as why we're still where we are now in 2012. or will he focus on hope and change and say hey, i just need four more years to really accomplish all of that. >> steve: there is one inconvenient thing for the president and that is exactly ten hours after he gives his big speech, the jobs number is going to come out on friday morning and whatever he said on thursday night, that's what the republicans are going to be talking about on friday. >> brian: mitt romney will be focusing his attention this week, and i'm surprised, but he's focusing on the debates
5:35 am
that start october 3 and he's preparing with senator rob portman. >> gretchen: doug mckelway is live in woodstock, vermont with what governor romney is up to. hey, doug. >> hey, gretchen. if you want a place to focus without distractions, this may be it. governor romney camped out for the next three days just up the road from where we stand at the summer home of his senior advisor and former lieutenant governor, massachusetts carey healy. we've been told by the campaign not to expect to see romney at all today and probably not the next couple days. he's traveling without ann, traveling without most of his staff, to singularly focus on debate preparations. what little we do know has come from a session aboard the campaign planes. they rolled a plane up to the front of the cabin with the words, are you letting portman lay obama in debate prepare. romney scribbled something, rolled it back to the reporters as the plane climbed. the words he wrote?
5:36 am
shhh, don't tell sununu, but yes. senator rob portman may be a formidable stand in. he filled this role precisely four years ago when senator mccain was running for president and he managed to capture the style and the content of then senator obama so completely that apparently cindy mccain refused to speak to him for a couple of days. we can also expect governor romney to try to come up with a couple more attack lines of the sort he delivered in jacksonville on saturday. >> i need to ask each one of you to find one person who voted for barak obama last time. they're out there. i know that you can usually tell where they are because on their cars you see the glue from where the bumper sticker used to be. all right? >> we hear that mr. romney is not especially fond of these formal mock debates. what he most prefers and the way he does his best learning is study the briefing books and hash out responses with us
5:37 am
aides. to make sure he reads the briefing books in full, the aide also sometimes put a funny picture or funny acin the case dote toward the back of it -- acin the case dote toward the back of the book. >> gretchen: interesting behind the scenes. interesting about that preparation. i love how cindy mccain was upset at ron portman 'cause he was too difficult. >> brian: bill o'reilly did a great thing. when he sat down with john mccain, he focused on how he prepared to debate barak obama in 2008, then senator. listen. >> take the offense and attack his record. he can not defend his record. take the offense and by the way, senator rob portman is playing obama in the practice. i guarantee you, portman will prepare him. i hate rob portman to this day because of him playing obama in our preparation for the debates. >> steve: that means he did a good job. >> gretchen: he played a lot of roles. he was also joe biden, wasn't
5:38 am
he? and i think john kerry. he's pretty good at it. >> steve: he's like bob barnett on the democrat side who prepared many, many democrats. >> brian: by the way, kerry is playing mitt romney for president obama. >> steve: all right. we are live at the dnc, the balance of the week. now headlines with the dnc about to officially begin today. president obama finds himself trying to repair his relationship with typically loyal group of voters. we're talking about unions. big labor is upset democrats are holding their convention here in north carolina, which is a right to work state, that bans unions from forcing people to join or pay dues. the president making a very direct appeal to unions while visiting ohio. >> unions like yours that help forge the basic bargain in this country, the bargain that built the greatest middle class and the most prosperous country and the most prosperous economy that the world has ever known. >> steve: some unions upset that
5:39 am
the president has prevented the keystone pipeline from moving forward, which could create up to 20,000 jobs, many of them union jobs. >> brian: the president of iran is coming back to the united states. lots of folks are not happy about it, including the three of us. several groups are demanding the warwick hotel in new york city refuse to let ahmadinejab stay there. he's coming to the united states this month to speak at the united nations. one group is calling for a boycott against the hotel, plans to protest outside. this would be the second year in a row the warwick provided luxury digs to ahmadinejab. by the way, this should be his last term. >> steve: meanwhile. >> gretchen: we had fun in tampa and you lost your voice. i thought it was a singing audition. but it wasn't that. >> brian: right. one of my goals, i talked about on the show. i have my very own jet pack experience. critics said it couldn't happen, technology wasn't ready. but i found out it is ready and the jet pack was ready for me. but in the water.
5:40 am
i want everyone to have a jet pack. it was right around the corner in 1972. >> steve: i've written off the jet pack. >> i know what you would like is a jet pack. >> brian: if james bond could do it, why couldn't i? like 007, i already had the fancy car, not to mention the beautiful women. but there was one more thing. i still need to achieve. strap a rocket to my back and fly into the sky. then this year gretchen delivered the good news. >> gretchen: want to fly? how about trying one of these? a waterpowerred jet pack. >> brian: a jet pack again? >> gretchen: details on the luxury toy, if your wife is listening, that's what you would like for christmas. >> brian: i watched my colleagues try and fail. so i wanted to fly. i needed to find a master
5:41 am
trainer. >> how are you doing? welcome to jet lab. >> brian: i found keith ball. he's the chief flight instructor at jet love. >> you're weightless. astronauts are the only ones who feel what you do. >> brian: i was ready to begin. >> now we're going to strap you in. how do you start it? use the key. if for anyone reason you splash down, i need to you pull the key off. we call this the xy helmet because it only goes one way. i can talk to you only. >> brian: i don't want the last vision of me to be with this helmet on. so i would like to survive. is this possible? >> yes. >> brian: so the only thing wounded on me is my pride? >> that's it. >> brian: i'm willing to put that on the line. >> nice and easy. up, up! that was good, wasn't it?
5:42 am
get you going forward. pull down one! easy! ♪ okay. pull key, pull your key! that's it. see. you don't drink water when you do it properly. >> brian: my training didn't go so well. so i came back. dressed for success. ♪ >> it's a flying man! >> brian: it is very high up
5:43 am
here. i'm not looking for youtube. i'm look for fox news! that was really awesome! maybe i should rethink the jet pack. >> steve: hilarious. >> brian: i just got to thank the host, neil. he trained me. steve and dan worked the crew. tully and chris did a great job on the edit. >> gretchen: is this for entertainment or do they hope this will carry people to places? >> brian: i think it's going to be bigger than the jet ski. maybe bigger than the boat. >> steve: really? good luck, noah.
5:44 am
>> gretchen: fun. chicago mayor rahm emanuel asking for federal help to fight crime. why is he sending his city's cops here to charlotte for the dnc then? >> steve: and is he better off today than he was four years ago? we're talking about actor tim daley who supports president obama. part of the creative coalition. he joins us live from charlotte next. at purina one,
5:45 am
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>> brian: quick headlines. chicago's rahm emanuel asking for federal help to battle a surge of crime. over 50 local officers are heading to charlotte to work security at the dnc. the police department says the officers are going on days off. been a lot of crazy things happen on "fox & friends." what happened during this tv interview takes the cake. >> look what we got. >> that's where buddy was looking at. >> i want to sick buddy on him. >> brian: 22-year-old nathaniel decided to take a stroll in his birthday suit as that couple was talking to a reporter. cops said he was high on drugs at the time. >> gretchen: you think? >> brian: yeah. >> steve: meanwhile, celebrities are arriving in droves to this week's national democratic convention here in charlotte.
5:48 am
it's no surprise since hollywood generally leans to the left. >> gretchen: with unemployment higher than it was when obama took office and a soaring national debt, can a listers still say they're better off now than they were four years ago? joining us now is hollywood actor and president of the creative coalition, nonpartisan charity for the arts, tim daly. good to see you again. >> thanks,. >> gretchen: you're still doing the same thing you were doing forayers ago. >> i'm still stumping for the arts. still trying to support and protect the arts in the united states. >> steve: sure. you've been a big supporter of the president of the united states. but when you look at the statistics, job wise, income, everything else, it's harder to make the case to elect -- reelect in this case, barak obama, isn't it? >> i don't think so because, you know, there was a trajectory when mr. obama took office that was heading really far down. i think that with the stock market and unemployment rates, it has sort of leveled off. you have to bounce. it's not like a big bounce on a
5:49 am
trampoline, but i believe that the trajectory is coming back up. and certainly he kept us from going into a really severe depression, which thank god for that. >> steve: tell us about the creative coalition. >> the creative coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan arts advocacy organization and we're here, something for our main issue, arts education. as i was telling gretchen, north carolina has a great program called a plus schools where they incorporate arts into their core curriculum. it had profound consequences. as condoleeza rice said, we've cries in k through 12 education that's threatening -- i believe she said the fabric of who we are. >> steve: she did. >> kids that study the arts are three times more likely to graduate from high school. so it's a great thing. >> steve: check it out. tim, thank you very much. we'll see new four years. >> gretchen: from the dnc, is charlotte to billy graham's home library? it's here. what makes it so special? we're taking you inside next. >> brian: first let's check in
5:50 am
examine find out what's on at the top of the hour with bill hem examiner martha mccallum. >> how are you doing? we are inside the arena hall here and new polling this morning shows tough news for the president on day one of its convention. we'll see how this plays and take a look inside the numbers. where is the union support in charlotte? if you have not heard about the story already, this could be a big deal within the party. who has the momentum at the moment? republicans or democrats? chris wallace analyzes that. and what will be the vision for a second term if president obama wins? and where is that vision? we'll have it for new ten minutes here live in charlotte as america's news room rolls on ten minutes away. top of the hour
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> gretchen: down the street from us, it's the billy graham library here in charlotte. we go inside now. >> it was a great opportunity for me. i've been to three billy graham crusades and i was very excited, first time there. let's take a look what we found out. just a few miles from the noise examine bedlam of the democratic national convention is a place where hundreds of thousands of christians have journeyed to find peace and inspiration. a haven of rest. the billy graham library. >> there is a spiritual dimension here that's unusual. people tell us before they get in the home, when they get out of their cars and walk on the grounds, they sense a spiritual life. they sense god. >> the story of the library begins and ends with the cross. visitors enter through the foot
5:55 am
of a cross, made of glass panels. inside are exhibits that tell the story of america's pastor and outside, a recreation of billy graham's childhood home. >> we're in mr. graham's farm home. it was taken apart literally brick by brick. >> he grew up a few miles down the road on his family's dairy farm. so it's no surprise that the library's main building resembles a gigantic barn. >> it actually does look like a barn because that's the beginning of billy graham. it reflects the humble beginnings of a man that go has used as a vessel to touch others' lives through proclamation and through compassion. >> but his influence would reach far beyond the pulpit. he counseled presidents, democrat and republican, dating back to harry truman examine four living presidents have made pilgrimage to this library only one has not. president obama. but the billy graham library is
5:56 am
not about politics and it's really not about billy graham. it's about something else. something personal. >> when people come to this library, it is not a museum. it's a place where the lord jesus christ is lifted up. certainly billy graham is the vessel as he always has been to preach the gospel. but this is an ongoing daily crusade. >> it brings us back to the beginning, a story that started on the cross, venerates the xerox people make their peace with god here, from the youngest to the oldest. >> steve: hallowed ground. >> brian: very well done. >> thank you very much. >> brian: for more an that, we can go to twitter. >> at todd starts. >> brian: great cause. >> steve: thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: we'll be right back.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> steve: tomorrow we'll be back here live in front of the nascar hall of fame and guess what? the man of last week, paul ryan, is going to be here this week. so tune in for that. >> gretchen: also charlotte mayor anthony fox and larry sabato will peer into his crystal ball. maybe he'll tell us what bill clinton will say. >> brian: we'll have an after the show show. it will be about usc charlotte. we've rewarded them i


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